PickUp! Society Report

Vol.1 40周年記念フォーラムレポート

Report of the Society for the Study of Japonisme 40th Anniversary Forum





The Society celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2020 with a scholarly forum titled ‘Japonisme as a Field of Study: Past, Present, and Future Possibilities,’ held online in February and March 2021.

The Forum reflected upon how the discourse & research on Japonisme has evolved, and how Japan has been involved in what is termed Japonisme. The discussion was divided into four themes: ‘The Genealogy of Japonisme (1): Japonisme as a Field of Study in Modern Art History,’ ‘The Genealogy of Japonisme (2): Japonisme as an Interdisciplinary Field of Study,’ ‘The Discourse of Japonisme and Japan: Self Image as the Other,’ and ‘The Present, Future, and Possibility of Japonisme Studies.’

Part One of the forum comprised of 13 individual presentations, which were released in video form via the Society’s homepage, in Japanese and English versions. Part Two of the forum was held in a Zoom-conference format on 21 February as a series of four panel discussions. These discussions reflected the contents of the first part of the forum, allowing issues and relevant concerns to be probed in further depth.

The Part One special-access site attracted more than 300 participants, and about 130 scholars and students attended the Part Two Zoom-conference. Thanks to the online format, many participated from outside Japan, and for the Zoom meeting, time difference allowed real-time participation from European countries, including France, Germany, and the UK.

The Society expresses our sincere gratitude to the Ishibashi Foundation for its support of this initiative.