The 7th Hatakeyama symposium: call for papers

The details for the 7th Hatakeyama symposium have been decided as followed:

• Theme: 20th Century Japonisme

• Details: The Society for the Study of Japonisme, co-hosted by the Hatakeyama Foundation of Culture, is pleased to announce the 7th annual Hatakeyama Symposium entitled Japonisme in the 20th Century.
"Japonisme" with the capital "J" is known to have come to an end in the early 20th Century in the field of British and French painting, which is considered as the historical japonisme's most representative media. Recent research has revealed, however, that Japonisme continued to be a creative force until the Second World War in other fields such as fashion, literature, and music. Furthermore, an increasing number of recent exhibitions on Japonisme in Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe, and North America, have shown that in these regions Japonisme developed itself much later compared to Western Europe. The image of Japan was also influenced by political events such as the Russo-Japanese War, which led to a Japonisme boom in parts of Eastern Europe that were under control of the Russian Empire.
The upcoming symposium focuses on Japonisme in the 20th Century, which, until recently, has been marginalzed within the scholarship of Japonisme. For this symposium we define Japonisme broadly, and invite papers that consider the postwar period, as well as the more recent phenomena of manga and anime. It is an attempt to expand the idea of Japonisme, an expanded notion that can be represented through "japonisme" with lower case. This move to broaden the horizon of scholarly inquiry beyond historical japonisme might result in a substantial re-definition of "Japonisme."
Eligibility to present a paper is limited to members of the Society of the Study of Japonisme (please consult the controbution rules). When interested in presenting a paper, please send a proposal (English 500 words max., Word document) as attachment to the following email address by June 30, 2017: The results will be announced at the end of July.
The proceedings of the symposium will be published in the supplementary volume of the Society's annual publication Studies in Japonisme (Vol. 37, 2017). Presenters will submit a manuscript, prepared according to the specifications (around 6000 words English, to be announced later) by January 10, 2018 Japan time. Should the manuscript fail to be submitted by the deadline, the submitted summary of the paper will be published instead.


• Date: November 25 (Sat.) and 26th (Sun.) (to be confirmed)

• Venue: Teikyo University Kasumigaseki Campus (to be confirmed)

• Regulations for participation: Must be a member of the Japonisme society

• Application procedures: Members who want to apply, please send an abstract of about one page A4, spacing 1.5 Times 12 through mail to the board by June 30, 2017. The results will be announced around half July.