Studies in Japonisme (the annual publication of the Society for the Study of Japonisme)

Studies in Japonisme is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the study of Japonisme. It is published annually and includes scholarly articles, book reviews, and exhibition reviews by scholars in and outside Japan. 

In 2013 (Vol. 33) the journal was significantly redesigned. It is now bilingual (English-Japanese), and the size is larger with a renewed layout. The proceedings for the Third Hatakeyama Symposium have also been published as Studies in Japonisme Vol. 33 (Special Issue). 

For further details on the contents, please refer to the Index of Journals (bilingual) (volumes prior to Vol. 33 are available in Japanese only).

Submission of articles and other texts for Studies in Japonisme is limited to members of the Society only. Please refer to the Contribution Rules for further information.

Back issues are on sale (subject to availability) for prices listed below. For those who wish to obtain back issues that are out-of-stock, we provide copies of the essays requested. Costs for copying (and mailing the copies if necessary) will be charged to the person requesting the service. Please contact the Society for the Study of Japonisme to request copies from the back issues.

Price list for back issues:

Vol. 1 – 32: 1 copy = 3,000JPY, 5 copies = 12,500JPY, 10 copies = 20,000JPY, 
           20 copies = 30,000JPY

From Vol. 33 onwards: 1 copy = 3,300JPY

Vol. 33 (Special Issue): 1 copy = 1,800JPY