The December Study Meeting : Mini-lecture & Visit to the exhibition Rimpa and Impressionism : Arts Produced by Urban Cultures, East and West

The December Study Meeting : Mini-lecture & Visit to the exhibition Rimpa and Impressionism : Arts Produced by Urban Cultures, East and West

(Pre-registration required   Period : November 14 [sat.] – December 6 [sat.]   25 seats are reserved for Society for the Study of Japonisme members. )


Date : December 12, 2020 (sat.) 14:00 – (Registration : 13:30 –  )


Venue : Artizon Museum

(1-7-2 Kyobashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0031, Japan)



About the exhibition :


Schedule :

13:30-  Registration

14:00-14:05  Reconfirmation of the matters that require attention for the meeting

14:05-14:25  Mini-lecture about the exhibition of the curator in charge

About 14:30- Visit to the exhibition (This visit will break up as soon as the participants finish the appreciation.)


To attend the event : 

Please send an e-mail to or a fax to +81-3-3341-1830 between November 14 (sat.) and December 6 (sat.) for your pre-registration. (The secretariat is closed on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays.) The meeting might be canceled even just before the very day depending on the expansion of infection of the COVID-19. At the time of your pre-registration, therefore, please inform us of your e-mail address and cellphone number for emergency contacts (If you don’t have e-mail address, please give us only your cellphone number).


Some requests for cooperation : 

From the standpoint to prevent the spread of COVID-19, your understanding and cooperation for the following matters will be very appreciated ;

  • The pre-registration is imperative especially to control the number of participants form the point of view to maintain social-distancing.
  • It is very appreciated to install the COVID-19 Contact-Confirming Application (COCOA) in your smartphone before the meeting when you participate in it.
  • Please wear a mask during the meeting.
  • Please take your temperature in the morning of the very day of the meeting. If you have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or more, please refrain from participating to the meeting. And if you feel unwell in any way, it is also very appreciated to refrain from the participation.
  • Please refrain from the participation to the meeting not only when you are infected with COVID-19 but also when you have high-risk contact and don’t test negative of the virus until the day before the meeting.
  • Please refrain from talking as much as you can during the meeting.
  • If you live in a city outside Tokyo, please make the final decision around the participation by yourself according to the alert level of each municipality even after your pre-registration.
  • When you cancel the pre-registration, please drop us a line to the e-mail address written in the pre-registration confirmation mail.
  • In the case of the cancellation of the meeting, we will give you notice to the e-mail address and the cellphone number that you left for the pre-registration.