Invitation for Participation in the Society for the Study of Japonisme International Symposium 2023 “Performative Japonisme”

The Society for the Study of Japonisme International Symposium 2023 “Performative Japonisme”


Date: 10:0 0‐17:30, Sunday, November 26, 2023
Venue: Hybrid Symposium/Musashino Art University Ichigaya Campus
Organizers: The Society for the Study of Japonisme / Ebara Hatakeyama Memorial Foundation
Language: Japanese or English (with simultaneous interpretation)
Number of participants: limited to 70 in person, 150 online
Free of charge


From the late 19th to the early 20th century, the fascination with Japanese arts and crafts expanded to literature, fashion, architecture, music, dance, and many other aspects of Japanese culture. Of particular note in this diversification is the fact that Japonisme was now found in such “performative” fields as dance, film, music, dance, and fashion, all of which involve movement. Japonisme in this expanded sense includes for example the way in which women in the West, fascinated by kimono, walked around the city wearing that Japanese garment. This symposium focuses on such “performative” Japonisme or Japonisme in motion, a subject hitherto overlooked, in order to open a fresh perspective. Specifically, the symposium seeks to explore the possibility of incorporating fashion, film, theater, ballet, opera, music, dance, and other performing arts into Japonisme studies, along with their pictorial and sculptural representations.



10:00        Greetings and Introduction (moderator: KISHI Yu)

10:00-10:10   Welcome greetings
MIYAZAKI Katsumi, President, Society for the Study of Japonisme
MATSUI Akinori, Executive Director, The Ebara Hatakeyama Memorial Foundation

10:15-10:25   Introduction

1. Japonisme in theater, opera, and dance (moderator: INOUE Hitomi)

10:30-11:00   Invited Lecture
FRANKE Daniela, Curator of the Theater Museum Wien
“Japonisme on stage in Vienna around 1900”

11:05-11:20   HASHIMOTO Yorimitsu, Professor, Graduate School of Humanities, Osaka University
“A Critical Point in Japonisme: Lawrence Irving’s Typhoon (1913) and Its Impact.”

11:25-11:40   KUGIMIYA Takako, Professor, Tokushima Bunri University Junior College
“The transformation of Japonisme opera in Germany and Austria: The Japanese depicted in Theodor Szántó’s opera Typhoon (1924)”

11:40-11:50   [Q&A]

11:55-12:10   NEGISHI Tetsuro, Professor, Senshu University
“Japonisme in Paul Claudel’s works――prose poetry, plays and his books published in Japan”

12:15-12:30   MURAKAMI Yumi, Assistant Professor, Keio University
“Japonisme in the Dance Works of Paul Claudel”

12:30-12:40   [Q&A]

12:45-13:45   Lunch Break

2. Aspects of Performative Japonisme (moderator: KUGIMIYA Takako)

13:45-14:15  Invited Lecture
TAKEISHI Midori, Director/Vice President of Tokyo College of Music
“Dancer Michio Ito and Japonisme: The Impetus for Creation of New Genres”

14:20-14:40  TSURUZONO shikiko, Pianist, Lecturer at Toho Gakuen School of Music
“From Opera to Ballets Russes: Post-Japonisme and New Orientalism in the 1910s ”

14:40-14:50   [Q&A]

14:55-15:15  INAGA Shigemi, Specially Appointed Professor, Faculty of International Cultural Studies, Kyoto Seika University.
“Oversea Deployment of ‘Martial Arts’ the case of Aikido in Europe in the post-war period”

15:15-15:25  [Q&A]

15:25-15:40  Break

15:40-16:00  FUKAI Akiko, Curator Emeritus, Kyoto Costume Institute
“Poiret’s models walking in the Garden of his Maison du Couture”: Physical Movementand Fashion in Japonisme”

16:00-16:10  [Q&A]

16:15-16:35  WATANABE Ayaka, Doctoral student, Sorbonne University
“Oriental Dances in 19th Century French Travel Writing – Orientalisme and Japonisme”

16:35-16:45  [Q&A]


16:50-17:20  MABUCHI Akiko, Senior Advisor of Japonisme Society
17:25       Closing speech ISHII Motoaki, Managing Director
17:30       Closing


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